First Greek-only honor society honors its first inductees

August 31 marks the introduction of the first Greek-only honor society on Oakland University’s campus. The Gamma Sigma Alpha Honor Society offers recognition to those within the sororities and fraternities that have achieved a 3.5 GPA or better in at least one semester and have at least 60 credits.

The national honor society was created in 1989 and is meant for students in Greek life who are passionate about academics. According to its website, Gamma Sigma Alpha has over 220 chapters in America and Canada and adds around 2,000 students to its ranks every year.

Other Michigan chapters include Albion College, Eastern Michigan University, Grand Valley State University, Kettering University, Michigan State University and The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor among a few others.

A total of 23 inductees were present, and there were 11 others who could not attend. The ceremony featured opening remarks and an open ritual.

Upon completion of the ritual of Gamma Sigma Alpha, inductees were given a pin and certificate to show their achievement. Inductees then proudly brandished their awards to the friends and family who came to support them.

Louis Brown, a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Inc. and recent inductee to Gamma Sigma Alpha, introduced the idea of deeper implications for his entire fraternity. “I think it sets the standard for our fraternity,” Brown said. “It means a lot on that level.”

To put this statement in perspective, nearly all of the on-campus Greek organizations were represented. But even for those who were not inducted, there still remains the question of how Gamma Sigma Alpha can continue to gain momentum.

“Learning is one of our four core values,” Abbey Smith of Gamma Phi Beta said.

Within that      core value, there may be a greater desire for others to strive for this honor. Talking about the possible future relationship of Gamma Sigma Alpha and her own sorority, Smith said they both will become even more intermeshed. The hope of those inducted is that more of their brothers and sisters will join them in accepting the honor.

“I think when I go back to my organization they’ll see that a lot of us had joined and think ‘oh, I should join too,’” Smith said.

Gamma Sigma Alpha was introduced by Stephanie Jurva, assistant director of student organization programs. The goal, according to Jurva, is to encourage other students involved in Greek life to strive to become members of this honor society through exceptional scholarship.