SATIRE: How to AirBnb for your next road trip


Two words: road trip. It’s a make or break experience for college summers. When there’s a combination of adult-like freedom and a sudden realization that your parents are insufferable, the important thing to know is just how to do it right.

Technology has fostered a new way for people to connect in exciting ways. One app, AirBnb, has created that connection more than almost any other thing out there.

For those who don’t know, AirBnb is a platform that connects people with the desire to host with people that need a place to stay. It’s a more endearing arrangement than the tradition hotel, so it has become extremely popular.

But there’s a lot of dangers that go along with this. For some of you, the axe-murderer scenario immediately played in your heads. But there’s a lot of good ways to make sure that your stay is safe, and even enjoyable.

1) Plan as far ahead as possible

This gives you the opportunity to know exactly when and where you’re staying and even allows you to get to know the person a lot better.

The app ensures that both host and visitor communicate before the stay, so use the extra time to understand what they think of the area.

2) Gauge the connection with your host

Both you and the host have a preset notion of how your stay will be. If the host wants to engage, then by all means, take that exciting opportunity. They’ll probably have a lot of insight into what’s awesome around the area, and may even take you to some really cool spots.

I did exactly that when I had to babysit my AirBnB host’s eight-year-old daughter. I waited for my host to get back, and then kindly thought of myself as someone who in no way should take care of an eight-year-old, and left to go sleep at a truck stop.

3) The more time and money you put into it, the better

My last AirBnb was a 17 dollar-a-night stay in the less-than-quality part of Columbus, Ohio. I also arrived an hour after I actually asked for the stay.

I bought cigarettes around the corner from a woman who was comforting her daughter after she was just mugged in the parking lot of the gas station. Although I was happy to stay, I slept on a carpet where my only comfort was a Scooby-Doo bed sheet. I can’t complain too much though, because she gave me snacks.

I loved every second of it, but I can imagine most of you wouldn’t. Just don’t try to beat me at having the worst stay.

AirBnB is meant to be one of the most endearing experiences that social media has to offer. Instead of remaining in a bubble, it automatically sets you outside into a world inhabited by complete strangers. Embrace every second of your trip, and know that sometimes you have someone’s best attempt at a comfortable home to enjoy every night.