Letter to the editor: Grizzly Kindness knows no bounds

Phillip Johnson

Grizzly kindness knows no bounds. 

Have you ever played quidditch? Its amazing. What’s even more amazing? The awesome students that run the organization and make Oakland’s Owls United club Quidditch team. 

I always said that before I graduate (in April) I wanted the chance to play quidditch. Last Friday, these guys made it happen. 

Stinky, tired, and dripping in sweat from just having played basketball, these wonderful Owls invited me to play their game. Never before have I met a group of students so kind, warm, and accepting. They taught me how to play and also redefined athleticism for me.

If you ever see them play, I encourage students not to just pass by or awkwardly gawk at them practicing, but to step inside and make some great connections with great students.