Pescovitz set to make more than most Michigan university presidents


Taylor Stinson

Ora Hirsch Pescovitz will be Oakland University’s highest paid president to date..

Since Ora Hirsch Pescovitz was announced as Oakland’s seventh president, the Oakland University Board of Trustees has negotiated a contract with her. The contract lists the responsibilities, benefits and salary that Pescovitz will receive during her five year term. Aside from her salary, Pescovitz will also have a car and live in Sunset Terrace.

In comparison to Michigan’s other 13 public university presidents, Pescovitz’s salary will be leaning toward the higher side of what most university presidents in Michigan make. The following is a list of 14 out of 15 public university presidents in Michigan as well as their yearly salaries. Lake Superior University was not included due to the recent death of the university’s president.

  1. University of Michigan– Mark Schlissel with $772,500. He is also president of UM Dearborn and UM Flint.
  2. Michigan State University– Lou Anna Simon with $750,000
  3. Wayne State University– M. Roy Wilson with $497,000
  4. Oakland University– Ora Hirsch Pescovitz with $457,000
  5. Western Michigan University– Edward B. Montgomery with $450,000
  6. Central Michigan University– George E. Ross with $450,000
  7. Eastern Michigan University– James M. Smith with $400,000
  8. Ferris State University– David L. Eisler with $351,931
  9. Michigan Technological University– Glenn D. Mroz with $344,000
  10. Saginaw Valley University– Donald Bachand with $275,000
  11. Grand Valley State University– Thomas J. Haas with $273,794 as of 2010
  12. Northern Michigan University– Fritz Erickson with $220,000