Amy Butler EIBC Energy Innovators Hall of Fame

Amy Butler was honored for her 20 years of service in the energy industry with an induction as the first woman into the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council’s (EIBC) Energy Innovators Hall of Fame on Nov. 10.  She serves as the executive director at OU INC and the Clean Energy Research Center on campus at Oakland University.

The EIBC created the Hall of Fame a few years ago to recognize the energy leaders of today and tomorrow.

“It isn’t about the recognition. I’ve always been the person developing the team around the program, always pushed the people forward for the recognition,” Butler said.

“I always believed in moving teams forward and giving them the opportunity to excel and reach new heights in their career.  This is that one moment where they say thank you.”

Butler’s impressive career has provided plenty of room for recognition. Before coming to OU INC four and a half years ago, she worked in state government for 32 years and spent 20 of those developing programs and policies for energy efficiency. 

OU INC works with clients to help analyze startup companies’ current business plans and improve upon those plans. OU INC helps with the finance strategy, design aspects or business model in order to make the company gain investors.

They currently house 18 clients at the Incubator — the building in which the company is based — and work with about 50 outside clients. 

They focus on developing three main areas of a startup business: technology, business and finance strategies.  Their work with the business will help propel the startup into the energy information technology, medical health or advanced automotive market to succeed.

“OU INC is focused on the mission of transitioning businesses and academic innovations to the market,” Butler explained.

Companies housed in the Incubator  which serves as an office space, work space and training technology center  are introduced to Oakland’s senior design program to assist in their transition to the market. 

The Incubator houses companies that specialize in 3-D printing, robotics, drones, sheet metal presses, medical companies and a hybrid scooter company, to name a few. 

Alongside these companies are those devoted to energy efficiency and sustainability.  In the Incubator, there are solar panels, a solar simulator and bio-diesel research for the different companies working on these energy sources.

It is because of these startups and her career devoted to energy policy that Butler was honored by the EIBC. 

Associate professor in the Oakland University School of Engineering, Professor Christopher J. Kobus, nominated Butler because of her “long-term commitment and continual contribution to the energy industry in the state of Michigan.”

The EIBC also honors Businesses of the Year, Emerging Businesses of the year, Employer of the Year and Public Official of the Year. 

OU INC currently has nine Oakland interns and hosts workshops that provide networking opportunities for students, while introducing them to the Incubator. 

Butler encourages students to explore all that OU INC has to offer as they work in nearly every aspect of business and allows students to work in each area. 

If you are interested in learning more about OU INC, visit their website at or find them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.