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Circle K rakes in over 1,600 service hours, awards

Circle K’s members collectively tallied 1,614.25 service hours during the school year.

Circle K’s members collectively tallied 1,614.25 service hours during the school year.

Courtesy of Emma Densmore

Courtesy of Emma Densmore

Circle K’s members collectively tallied 1,614.25 service hours during the school year.

Katie LaDuke, Staff Reporter

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At Oakland University, there are 327 student organizations. Of these, 28 dedicate their time to helping others through local charities. A few of these organizations that log the most service hours include Habitat for Humanity and Circle K.  

Over the 2016-17 school year, Circle K’s members collectively tallied 1,614.25 service hours through large- and small-scale service projects. This is the greatest number of hours by any service organization on Oakland’s campus for this school year and the most recorded in the eight years Circle K has been at Oakland.

Circle K is a collegiate branch of the high school Key Clubs, which fall under the broader Kiwanis International. Circle K works to promote fellowship, service and leadership, while being one of the smaller service-based student organizations at Oakland.

“We do a bunch of service projects that include volunteering with Gleaners Food Bank, Play-Place for Autistic Children, Kids Against Hunger, Humane Societies at OU and HAVEN,” said Emma Densmore, president of Circle K and a junior. “Circle K also helps support Kiwanis International that sponsors us.”

At the beginning of the fall semester, Oakland’s Circle K had just 11 active members. Its numbers have since grown to a total of 30 active, initiated members. On March 8, Circle K held its yearly elections for the new executive board. Densmore was reelected president for the 2017-18 school year.

Due to participation in service around the community, Circle K and several members were recognized at the 39th Annual Student Activities and Leadership Awards Banquet on April 10. The club won the SAFB Outstanding Community Service Award. Densmore took the Leadership in Community Service, OU Credit Union’s Outstanding Commuter Student Award and Platinum Level in the Volunteer VIP Program. Members Jordan Parkin, Andrea Kumm, Hanna Boussi and Mary Mason and attained Platinum Level in the Volunteer VIP Program. Those in the program have logged more than 100 hours of service. 

“I was so proud of our club being recognized and winning the outstanding community service award,” Densmore said. “It shows that all our hard work didn’t go unnoticed and that we are making a positive name for ourselves on campus.”

Aside from the recognition from Oakland, Circle K took a total of six club awards and five individual awards at its District Convention on March 24-26 at Wayne State University. At this convention, Circle K chapters from across Michigan gathered to accredit each club’s dedication and perform large-scale projects in the Detroit area. Also at this convention, the new district executive board who elected. Representing Oakland, juniors Nathan Wright and Caitlyn Theis served as 2016-17 district governor and district secretary, respectively. Gabriella Byars now serves as the 2017-18 District Bulletin Editor.

“My favorite part of DCON was seeing all the students from all over the state come together and serve side by side, helping the community we stayed in,” Wright said.

Because service is a major component of the club, Circle K also stresses the importance of pillars regarding leadership and fellowship. Within the club, there are multiple chair and committee positions available to active members. Members can work their way up to roles on the club’s executive board as well as the district’s executive board.

“I was so passionate about the community service aspect, and I knew that leadership was a part of it,” Wright said. “So, I wanted to take it a step further and put my own mark on the club.”

For more information on Circle K, visit its Facebook page and GrizzOrgs page.

CSA Awards

SAFB Outstanding Community Service Award – Circle K

Platinum Level in the Volunteer VIP Program – Emma Densmore, Jordan Parkin, Andrea Kumm, Hanna Boussi, Mary Mason

Leadership in Community Service – Emma Densmore

OUCU Outstanding Commuter Student – Emma Densmore


District Convention Awards

Distinguished Kiwanis Family Relations

Outstanding Service Award (May 2017)

Outstanding Service Award (June 2017)

Distinguished Club Growth

Distinguished Club Achievement

Outstanding Club Newsletter – Jordan Parkin

1st place Club Scrapbook – Jordan Parkin

Outstanding Club Editor – Jordan Parkin

Outstanding Club Committee Chair – Gabriella Byars

Distinguished Club Committee Chair – Vicki Harris

Outstanding Circle K’er – Mary Mason

Kiwanis Children’s Fund Scholarship – Emma Densmore

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