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‘Planet Earth II’: Second season is must-watch television

Lawson Robinson, Movie Columnist

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BBC’s nature series “Planet Earth II” is a landmark in documentary filmmaking. Ten years in the making, it delivers in all aspects.

“Planet Earth” is one of the best television series to date.

David Attenborough returns to narrate the show. His gravelly voice guides the viewer though each episode.

All six episodes are distinct and impeccably produced. Each episode covers different areas of the Earth and features unique animals rarely captured by cameras.

Advancement in technology allows the show to flourish visually. The second episode explores the Himalayas. Remote cameras allow the crew to obtain footage of the elusive snow leopard.

BBC deserves copious amounts of praise for the production level of “Planet Earth.” “Planet Earth II” is the first 4K television show in BBC’s history.

Watching the high-quality visuals of this show feels like eating your favorite candy.

“Planet Earth” transforms raw footage into spectacular narratives with ease. From the glass frog —which is the size of a human fingernail — to towering giraffes, the camera crew obtains beautiful imagery of all animals.

One of my favorite moments comes from the third episode, entitled “Jungles.” The caiman crocodile is introduced as a predator in this habitat. The camera then captures a large jaguar swiftly killing and eating the caiman crocodile.

“Planet Earth II” is the next show you need to binge watch.

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