Roller Rink Rave to take place


Mary Mitchell

Oakland University Student Program Board is hosting its first Roller Rink Rave at the O’rena on Tuesday, April 11.

Katerina Mihailidis, Intern Reporter

Don’t miss the opportunity to roller skate, dance and jam to throwback hits from 6-10 p.m. on Tuesday, April 11, in the O’rena.

Oakland University’s Student Program Board is organizing the Roller Rink Rave and Throwback Time Machine for the first time. The events will be held in conjunction and funded by SPB, according to Mackenzie Hill, the board’s  special events director.

“The coolest part is that it’s in the O’rena,” Hill said. “We’re hoping to make it an annual event.”

Students will have the opportunity to skate around the Blacktop or dance in the center of it while listening to music that will include throwbacks as well as today’s hits.

According to Hill, SPB is hiring the company Degy Dance to provide entertainment for the night, including skate rental and a DJ.

The event is free for OU students.

Upon signing in, students will have the option to dance, skate or both. They will sign a waiver, and SPB will provide roller skates that have been tested by O’rena staff, ensuring the students’ and the court’s safety. Wrist guards will also be provided.

For a speedier sign-up process, students are encouraged to fill out the waiver online. Students who have already printed and signed the waivers will have access to the express entrance lane.

Students who want to skate should bring socks. Water will be provided.

Students will be given a specific time frame during which they can skate, Hill explained. Because the number of skates is limited, colored wrist bands will determine how much time each student has left to skate. After their time is up, students who are not skating can dance in the center of the Blacktop while they wait to skate again.

Hill said the skates were an important part of the deal with the O’rena staff. The wheels are specifically designed to protect the floor of the Blacktop from skid marks. For this reason, students cannot bring their own skates to the event. Degy Dance’s insurance will cover any damages caused to the O’rena by the skates.

SPB is looking for volunteers to check waivers and direct traffic. Those interested can sign up on SPB’s Grizz Orgs page under the “Feed” and “Forms” tabs. The waiver is available under the “Files” tab.