Police Files: April 5, 2017

Pretending to be handicapped

At 9:15 p.m. on March 3, a patrol officer saw a woman park her car in a handicapped spot in the P1 parking lot. As the woman exited her vehicle, the officer approached her. The officer asked for her name and whether the handicapped parking permit in the vehicle belonged to her. As the permit was being checked in the system, the woman confessed: The handicapped parking permit actually belongs to her father. With the father nowhere to be seen, the woman was issued a citation for the misuse of a handicapped parking permit.

Post-party blues

Two Oakland University Police Department officers were dispatched to Hamlin Hall at 3:32 a.m. on March 12 following reports of intoxicated minors. When they arrived, they found a male and female suspect and were granted permission to enter the dorm room. While asking for identification, the officers noticed the suspects had watery, bloodshot eyes and smelled like alcohol. The male smelled of vomit. The two were asked if they had been drinking that night. Their answer was no. They had, however, been at a fraternity party earlier. When officers asked if they could perform a breathalyzer test, the male refused, but he agreed to have his eyes examined. The results of the test showed that the male was heavily intoxicated, and he was given an MIP. The female also refused a breathalyzer test. Before the officer could ask to examine her eyes, she started crying and admitted to drinking. She was also issued an MIP citation.

Marital problems

On March 15, in P37, a female was on the ground with a male standing up in front of her. The male looked as if he was going to assault her. An officer had seen the man grab the woman by the throat, so the Oakland University Police Department intervened. The male attempted to flee the scene by car, but as soon as the officer pulled the patrol car in front of the vehicle, he stepped out and was handcuffed. As the male was being taken into custody, the female yelled repeatedly, saying phrases such as, “He has my phone” and “I want my phone.” Later, it was revealed that the two are husband and wife. Officers listened to the male’s version of the story: His wife does not have classes on Wednesday and wasn’t supposed to be on campus. He drove up to campus and located her car. He told her to get in the car, give him her phone and come home, and an argument ensued. The husband said there was no fight, just an argument. OUPD charged the man with domestic violence, and he was transferred to the Oakland County Jail.