OUSC announces election results


Mary Mitchell

President Lena Mishack (right) and Vice President Jousef Shkoukani (left) were announced to lead OUSC next year.

The results are in.

The new administrative team for the Oakland University Student Congress will be President Lena Mishack and Vice President Jousef Shkoukani. The announcement was made at noon on Friday, March 31 in the Oakland Center’s Lake Superior Room B.


Mishack and Shkoukani were the only ticket running for their positions, so the room was filled with their friends, fellow OUSC members and staff members from the Center of Student Activities and Leadership Development.

Though this election was not a nail-biter, the room was full of excitement for the winning ticket. The announcements were short, and a celebration to congratulate the team started quickly.

A friend recommended that Mishack run and introduced her to Shkoukani. He was immediately excited to work with her toward what they hope will be a better student experience.

Aside from president and vice president, OUSC’s student legislators were also announced. The elected legislators for the next academic year are:

  • Sarah Augustyniak
  • Austin Church
  • Tyler Fox
  • Stephanie Hubbard
  • Anushree Jagtap
  • Brittany Kleinschmidt
  • Margaret Merogi
  • Tamara Mabrouk
  • Benjamin Olsen
  • Laith Rafidi
  • Elijah Sanders
  • Richard Seeger
  • Sophia Polsinelli
  • Helen Thompson
  • Richard Williamson

No write-in candidates were elected.

A bill to add a student-athlete representative to OUSC, proposed by the current administrators President Zack Thomas and Vice President Anders Engnell, passed with 264 votes. Their proposal to add a representative from the Graduate Council passed with 279 votes.

Mishack and Shkoukani said they are excited to enact these bills, as they fit in with the duo’s goals for the upcoming year.

“I’m especially excited about the Graduate Council,” Mishack said. “That is a group that hasn’t had very much representation, so I’m looking forward to enacting that.”

As a past legislator for OUSC, Mishack plans to continue the plant sustainability projects she has been working on throughout this academic year. As someone who had always hoped to be an OUSC legislator, Shkoukani is excited to step into his new role.

“OU isn’t just where I take my classes,” he said. “This is where my friends and family are. I really love this place.”

Their plans for the coming year include adding more recycling bins to campus, encouraging more student involvement, encouraging more school spirit for sporting events and bringing new employers to campus to help students find jobs they love.

“We want students to be able to come here and find their dream job,” Shkoukani said. “We don’t want students to just be able to find jobs in the Motor City, but in whatever fields they’re really passionate about.”

Mishack and Shkoukani were inaugurated Monday, April 3. They continue to work on their transition with Thomas and Engnell.