Drew’s Review: Drake’s ‘More Life’

Drew Hagge, Music Columnist

After debuting on “OVO Sound Radio,” Drake’s Apple Music Beats 1 Radio show, the October Firm released the playlist “More Life” — whatever that means.

Since Billboard now accounts for streams, albums, mixtapes, and, yes, playlists, “More Life” is eligible to appear on the album charts. However, as a fan and a critic, it ought to be considered an album, and a damn good one at that.

Oddly enough, “More Life” is better sequenced and structured than any album in Drake’s catalogue. In many ways, “More Life” accomplished all the things “Views” set out to do.

Unlike “Views,” “More Life” is truly eclectic and shows just how aware Drake is of music’s global progression.

Both projects are excessively long, though “More Life” is simply a more enjoyable listening experience. “Views” is so sonically similar and morose that it brings on feelings of claustrophobia.

The latest album replaces Drake’s signature crooning over tracks with songs that draw distinct influences from dancehall and African Afrobeats. But, have no fear, the softest moments on this record are as soft as Drake has ever been.

“Passionfruit” is like if you kept all the softness of “Shot for Me” and converted it to a house record that’s an essential listen during that first, nice day of spring after a seemingly never-ending winter.

However, the vastness of “More Life” could not be realized without guest-starring appearances from 2 Chainz, Quavo and Young Thug, as well as songs from Skepta and Sampha, from which the Canadian rapper is completely absent.

Enjoy “More Life” now rather than later because, more likely than not, we’re experiencing Drake at the height of his creative powers.