Police Files: March 8, 2017

Trapped in the elevator

The Oakland University Police Department was dispatched to the Engineering Center on Feb. 7 because two individuals were trapped inside an elevator. At first, neither seemed particularly distressed. Officers assured them a technician would be there shortly. Outside the elevator, a male repeatedly called 911, requesting the fire department get his girlfriend out of the elevator. After the third call, one of the officers told him to stop calling 911 because he was tying up the emergency lines. However, the man said his girlfriend was having an anxiety attack. OUPD immediately contacted the Auburn Hills Fire Department, which quickly responded to the scene and opened the elevator. After exiting, the girl chose not to receive emergency medical services. At 11 p.m., an electrician arrived and put the elevator out of order until maintenance could be performed.

Marijuana on Meadow Brook Road

On Feb. 2, officers were dispatched to Hamlin Hall at 11:01 p.m. to investigate two individuals who smelled of marijuana. When they arrived, they were let into a room by a man with bloodshot eyes. The officers suspected he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In the room, they saw another man sleeping near a bottle of Burnett’s watermelon vodka and cans of Miller High Life. Officers asked one of the men if he had been drinking, and he said he only had a few sips. He also denied smoking marijuana, but his mood gradually became relaxed and his speech was starting to slur. After denying smoking a second time, officers noticed both of the man’s pupils were dilated. Officers told him he was lying, and he admitted to smoking. Officers searched the room and found empty beer bottles and an empty yellow container that smelled of marijuana. The man who answered the door was promptly given an MIP and marijuana citation. The other individual was 21, but was transferred to the Police and Support Services Building for booking after the officers discovered he had previous arrest warrants.