Oh, I think that I’ve found myself a cheerleader


Five new male members were added to the cheer team to help support the university’s athletics and entertain the crowds at home games. 

If you have been to a Golden Grizzly basketball game this season, you may have noticed a few additions to the spirit section.

Five new male members were added to help support the university’s athletics and entertain the crowds at home games.  

Oakland’s 2014-15 cheer team, coached by Claire Mozer, was made up of 22 women.  

This year, a few of the cheerleaders approached the football team at a practice to pitch their idea of adding male members to the cheer team. 

Some of the new team members had no cheer experience prior to Oakland’s team.

“Cheerleading was something I was never expecting to be involved with, however, I am glad I did,” Grant Grabowski, new teammate, said.  

Now, the team practices four days a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.  These practices are not including outside practice on stunts and tumbling in order to perfect their skills.  

The team cheers at every home game and were even present at the OU vs. MSU game at the Palace of Auburn Hills.  

The addition of the male members has allowed for these students to step out of their comfort zone while working hard towards a common goal.  

“The way practice is ran, we only prepare for success,” Grabovski said. “There is only hard work and dedication involved in the many hours of practice.”

In December, the team hosted an Oakland Cheerleading Golden Grizzlies Youth Cheer Camp that allowed kids to learn a routine and perform alongside Oakland’s cheer team during a women’s basketball game.  

These types of events and the overall group dynamic bolsters an encouraging and driven atmosphere for the team.  

The new male members are already reaping the benefits of joining the team.  

Grabowski stated that the most rewarding part of being on the team so far has been “becoming an overall better athlete, the use of better equipment and being able to meet amazing people.”

Keep an eye out for these new Golden Grizzlies cheerleaders at the next home game on Thursday, Jan. 14 when the women’s basketball team takes on Northern Kentucky. 

Corrections: The team was present at the OU vs MSU game, and their next game is Thursday, Jan. 14, not Jan 19. We apologize for the confusion this error may have caused.