Police Files: Feb. 1, 2017

Through the SFH looking glass

On Jan. 5, officers were sent to the Oakland Center to talk with the Chartwells manager. The manager demanded an employee be escorted off campus after she threatened to kill another employee. The suspect waited in South Foundation Hall’s Fishbowl Lounge for her father to pick her up, and officers monitored her until she left campus. When the officers interviewed the victim, she alleged that the suspect became upset because the suspect and another person liked the same guy. The suspect became agitated when people began butting into the situation through Facebook posts. The victim told officers she was surprised by the threats because she had made no Facebook posts. She also told officers she feared her vehicle would be vandalized and she would be assaulted in the future. Officers told her to call Oakland University Police Department  if she saw the woman again. The woman making threats was terminated by Chartwells’ human resources department.

Just five

Dispatch received a call on Jan. 14 at 2:24 a.m. regarding an intoxicated male attempting to enter Hamlin Hall. When officers arrived on the scene, they found a male lying on an outside bench, snoring. The suspect’s wallet and driver’s license were in front of him. While attempting to wake him up, officers noticed the stench of alcohol. The suspect told officers he had “five” when they asked how much alcohol he had consumed. A breathalyzer test confirmed a BAC level of .15, and the male was issued an MIP ticket. Officers made contact with a friend of the individual, and he was safely escorted to her room for the night.