Oakland University hosts Campaign Training for Women event

Attention all female students with an interest in politics or pursuing public office, the Women Officials Network’s Campaign Training for Women program is coming to Oakland University.

On Saturday March 12 the Women Officials Network, in partnership with Oakland University, will hold a non-partisan campaign training event for women in Oakland County and the Oakland University community.


This day-long event will include instructional sessions from special guest, Shannon Garrett of SMG Strategies, as well as an opportunity for Oakland University students to attend a networking luncheon with a panel of female elected officials at the local, state and federal level.

The Women Officials Network (WON) is an organization dedicated to encouraging women to become involved in public policy through elected and appointed office. WON provides a variety of networking opportunities and training programs to inspire and empower current and future policy makers.

“We are extremely excited to have Shannon Garrett join us for this event,” Beth Talbert, special instructor for the Oakland University department of communication and member of the Women Officials Network, said. “Shannon is the president and founder of SMG Strategies, and has held positions at the national level of many organizations, and has trained thousands of people.”

The morning session will focus on effective campaign planning, followed by a free luncheon and feedback on the realities of holding public office and ending with an afternoon session on message development.

Oakland University students may attend the luncheon and panel free of charge though advance registration is required. If students are planning to participate in the full day of training they must also register in advance and pay a $50 registration fee.

 “This is an opportunity for high quality, high-caliber training for any woman considering pursuing public office in the future, however the event is also open to those who have already been elected or appointed to office,” Talbert said. “I participated in one of Garrett’s trainings a couple of years ago, and I thought it was a solid training with great information. Many of the women who attended have stayed in contact, which helps create a strong network of professional contacts for the future.”

The event will be held in the Gold Rooms of the Oakland Center from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. It will be open to female students who are interested in attending the event, establishing professional references, gaining exposure and meeting with other women in their prospective field.

“Having a well-planned and organized campaign will make all of the difference in the election,” Talbert said. “The women who will be part of the panel during the luncheon will help attendees by offering the lessons they have learned throughout their experiences as women in politics as tools for advancing the success of these future campaigns.”

For more information about the Women Officials Network and where to register for this event, email Natalie Grassi directly at [email protected], or visit the Women Officials Network website at womenofficialsnetwork.org.