Drew’s Review: Top 10 remixes that are better than the originals

Drew Hagge, Music Columnist

  1. “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe (Remix)” – Kendrick Lamar
  2. “Hustlin’ (Remix)” – Rick Ross
  3. “Get By (Remix)” – Talib Kweli
  4. “I’m a Coke Boy (Remix)” – Chinx
  5. “Work (Remix)” – A$AP Ferg
  6. “Make It Rain (Remix)” – Fat Joe
  7. “We Fly High (Remix)” – Jim Jones
  8. “I Don’t Like (G.O.O.D. Music Remix)” – Chief Keef
  9. “I Got Five on It (Remix)” – The Luniz
  10. “Throw Some D’s (Lil Jon Remix)” – Rich Boy

Ever since I’ve started to closely follow music, remixes have been just as important to hip-hop as original works. Since so much of rap music is sample-heavy, it’s only right that rappers continue to sample and remix each other’s work.

Rap music, unlike any other genre, is often compared to sports for that very reason. If a certain rapper falls into an incredible instrumental, then you can be sure that other rappers will put a verse to that same beat in the name of competition.

Oftentimes, the remix can attract more attention than the original, but that’s dependent on the rapper.

For example, if you went back in time to about 2007-08 and Lil Wayne decided to hop on your record, you could pick out a place on the wall to hang your platinum plaque.

Today, DJ Khaled has positioned himself as the remix king. So, look to Khaled for the next fire remix, as artists ranging from Nas to Meghan Trainor continue to flock to the king.