In case you missed it: Hooper gets big surprise on senior night

Bohdanna Cherstylo

Max Hooper has become a nationwide star in the college basketball world for attempting nothing but three-point shots this season — 229 to be exact. 

But last night when the Golden Grizzlies downed rival Detroit on the blacktop on senior night, Hooper made headlines for a different reason. 

In his last game in the O’rena, the senior’s dad, who has battled cancer for four years and suffered a stroke in October, was in attendance for the first time this season.

Chip Hooper, who resides in Carmel, Calif. and is a powerful man in the music industry, surprised Max on Friday at midnight with a phone call informing him that he would be flying in for the game, according to an article by Mark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press.

Chip was able to watch his son down four three-point shots in Oakland’s 108-97 victory over Detroit. The win also officially gave Oakland the No. 2 seed in the league tournament, which begins March 5, and an automatic trip to the semifinals.  

The moment that went viral, though, was after the final buzzer sounded. Hooper shook hands with the Detroit players and then proceeded to sprint up into the stands and embrace his dad. 

It was a moment that reminded fans everywhere that sports are always bigger than the game. 

The original video, posted by ESPN, can be watched here