Housing workers get new nametags with Preferred Name Policy

Cheyanne Kramer, Web Editor

This semester, OU housing workers are able to include their preferred name and pronouns on their worker name tags.

James Zentmeyer, director of Oakland University Housing, said that this program was created by Michele Applebee, coordinator of Student Success, with the assistance of her Academic Peer Mentor staff.

The Preferred Name Policy, which was officially put in place this semester, will allow students to change their names on Moodle, Banner and on their Oakland University emails.


I think it’s important for lots of students. All the time people are misgendered while they’re working, and that can’t be good for anyone. I wish nightwatch workers even had name tags so people wouldn’t misgender workers, because I see it happen all the time. -Kristina Whitaker, nightwatch



It’s amazing. I love it. It’s super inclusive to everyone. These issues are super in mainstream and people need to know about them. It’s awesome OU has these programs now. -Jeff Waters, Oak View resident assistant


It’s an honestly great idea, because in the end it’s inclusive to all housing workers. A trickle effect is maybe going to happen. Maybe students will learn to understand assuming someone’s pronouns could be sensitive to some people. Putting it in public is something that in the end influences students to be hyperaware of that and helps include students who may not be comfortable with what was on their name tag before. -Natalie Kreps, Bear Bus driver