Letter to the editor: An open letter to President Hynd

My name is Christopher Scicluna. I am an Oakland University transfer student. I am very concerned on where my future at Oakland University is going and what is happening to my tuition dollars.

I transferred from Macomb Community College to Oakland because it is a commuter school, relatively cost-friendly, and in the ever growing area of manufacturing. I am a mechanical engineering student and OU was on my list due to the fact that the area is full of opportunities for my major.

After transferring this past year a few things have changed. Tuition was raised 8.48 percent right before my first semester. What concerns me is the fact that, after this tuition raise in the fall, you hire a chief operating officer who failed to do his job at FCA.  Not only should this position not exist, but shouldn’t this be part of your job as president?

What frustrates me even further is the fact that just this month, Oakland’s board took a trip to Florida to “promote the campus and reach out to OU alumni.” I find this is a lame excuse due to the fact that Oakland has spaces available for meetings such as Meadow Brook or even the surrounding areas in Oakland Country which can help keep money in the community. Why not invite alumni back on campus and show them the campus beauty and how it’s growing versus spending the university students’ money on a $300 a night trip to Florida? Also, the chief operating officer went on this trip and, as I read in the Oakland Post, doesn’t his job entail staying on campus for student concerns while you are gone?

The newest thing that bothers me is the fact that Oakland now has plans to grow from a commuter school to what appears to be a second MSU. Oakland plans to add dorms and expand the Oakland Center, yet we can’t get a paved parking lot on the south end of campus? Why didn’t we add another level to the parking structures on campus?  I believe this is because you are trying to keep the “beauty” at Oakland and not take away from the architecture of the buildings. Oakland is considered a commuter school and the board is trying to change that. If I wanted a more “college-like” education full of parties, dorm life, and students who smell of Pabst Blue Ribbon and puke, I would have chosen a different school. I want to see my tuition dollars going toward my education. Classrooms should be up to date, more computer labs, and advancements that will further our education. I ask that you make my concerns aware in your decisions with the board.

Currently, at this time, I will never donate a dime back to Oakland. I am not proud to be a Grizzly, and I won’t be until I see my tuition dollars going to good use. I hope you take these thoughts into consideration the next time you use our money.