Oakland 0, Detroit 1: Women’s soccer falls in overtime

Oakland University women’s soccer lost to rival University of Detroit Mercy 1-0 on Wednesday, Oct. 19, at Titan Field. The Detroit goal came in the 3rd minute of overtime.

Play was largely restricted to the midfield in the first half, but Oakland managed to outshoot Detroit 4-1 in those 45 minutes.

Detroit led the game in fouls, accumulating 18 to Oakland’s 11.

Oakland tallied 11 shots in total compared to Detroit’s seven. The Golden Grizzlies placed eight shots on target, doubling Detroit’s four. Oakland also led in corner kicks, 6-5.

After sparring for the first 15 minutes of the game, Detroit was the first team to put up a shot. The attempt was denied thanks to efforts made by the Golden Grizzlies. In spite of the first shot, Oakland began to maneuver around Detroit’s defense.

Alice Palmer led Oakland’s response, letting loose a shot in the 22nd minute of the game. The scoring opportunity was stifled as Detroit goalkeeper Marina Manzo made the save. Manzo cleared the ball and play returned to midfield.

Oakland and Detroit fought tirelessly for possession. In various exchanges, the Golden Grizzlies garnered two fouls and the Titans one. The Titans then made two substitutions in the 32nd minute hoping to tip the scales in their favor.

The Golden Grizzlies answered with a substitution of their own – Jenny Rosonke for Sydnye Gagner – and continued the assault. A subsequent Oakland foul relinquished the ball to Detroit, who got a corner kick in the 38th minute.

Oakland successfully repelled the Detroit opportunity and regained the ball after the Titans got a foul. Oakland’s Sydney Duggan, Ali Amante and Alice Palmer ripped a shot each toward Detroit’s net in the final five minutes of the half to no avail.

Returning from the intermission, both teams bolstered their offensive presence. Detroit initiated a series of attempts through various strikes and corner kicks in the first twelve minutes, but Oakland goalkeeper Alison Holland defended the net. The Detroit run was interrupted by two successive fouls, and the Golden Grizzlies seized the chance to lead an advance.

In the 61st minute, Palmer propelled a shot that was saved, but her teammates continued the drive. Gagner placed two corner kicks, and Vlad Gurovski sent a shot in the 62nd minute that was blocked. But Oakland’s efforts yielded no points, and the second half ended 0-0 with both teams on the cusp of overtime.

Ultimately, Detroit surpassed Oakland in the 93rd minute when Phylisha Drayton, assisted by Anna Mindling, netted the only goal of the game from a  turnover at the top of the box.

“Obviously losing to Detroit is a tough one,” Oakland head coach Mags Saurin said in a GrizzVision interview with Mekye Phelps. “They capitalized off a mistake in the back and punished us for it.”

Oakland beat Valparaiso 1-0 on Saturday, Oct. 22, and will play Wright State at 7 p.m. ET on Friday, Oct. 28.

“Realistically, for our players, the focus has to be on that now. We do have to bounce back and it’s an all-or-nothing last two games for us. ” Saurin said.