Oakland loses by one in finals of Vegas 16 rollercoaster


Oakland men’s basketball (23-12) lost 68-67 to Old Dominion (25-13) in the finals of the Vegas 16 the night of Wednesday, March 30, at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

Sam Schlenner

Five-point game. Oakland had the ball and some scoring to make up. The team had been down eight. Fifty-seven seconds to go in the season.

Kay Felder brought the ball to the top of the key and gave it to Max Hooper. No better man for the job here. But Jordan Baker of Old Dominion was all over him, so he pivoted behind and passed back to Felder, who was jolting close and toward the top of the key once more.

On the switch, the perils of man-to-man defense combined like something they call fate as Baker followed Hooper through the sandwich and Trey Freeman tried to do the same to Felder. Freeman created a second of a gap as he squeezed through the chokepoint. That’s more room than you can permit Felder. He made the three. 66-64 Old Dominion, 44.7 left.

And now it’s a game, folks.

Oakland timeout.

Aaron Bacote carried it up the floor for the Monarchs. They had time to waste.

He dribbled for 10 seconds and passed to Freeman, who made like he was moving up the right side and then promptly halted, dribbling back and back.

Freeman and Oakland’s Jaevin Cumberland squared off. Freeman made his move and crossed over the arc at the top of the key, confronting Nick Daniels as well, who readied himself just below the foul line.

Percy Gibson stood in the paint, facing toward center court. Jalen Hayes stood to his left. Felder stood to his right. Bacote stood open halfway round the left side of the arc. Freeman dished it and Bacote launched it just as Daniels got himself close to blocking distance.

No good.

Hayes snagged the rebound for Oakland. Still 66-64 Old Dominion. Nineteen seconds left.

On the transition, Felder ran to the left and also into Baker and went skidding toward press row. Got up quick.

Hayes to Daniels, who carried it up the court a bit before passing to Felder.

Felder scanned. Ten seconds left. Had to get at least two.

He crossed the arc and cut around Baker, filling a gap in the paint.

He was halfway between the basket and the foul line.

He passed it to Gibson, who didn’t seem to expect it. The ball bounced off him and almost out of bounds. Freeman reached, grabbed it and held it tight. Gibson hugged for a foul.

Five seconds left. Old Dominion was in the double bonus. Freeman made both fouls shots. 68-64 Old Dominion.

Hayes inbounded to Felder, who went up the left lane and laid in a three. Not too little, but definitely too late.

Less than one second on the clock. 68-67 Old Dominion.

Baker inbounded to Ahmad Caver. No one was around him.

Game over.

Oakland men’s basketball (23-12) lost 68-67 to Old Dominion (25-13) in the finals of the Vegas 16 the night of Wednesday, March 30, at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

All times were from the CBS Sports Network broadcast. Statistics can be found at http://www.goldengrizzlies.com/sports/m-baskbl/recaps/033116aaa.html.

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Stats: http://www.goldengrizzlies.com/sports/m-baskbl/recaps/033116aaa.html