Graduate School Open House

Many students receive their bachelor’s degree and move on to finding a career. Others make the decision to further their education and skills by attending graduate school.  

On March 15, Graduate Study and Lifelong Learning hosted a Graduate Open House, providing a quick way to learn about the different graduate programs available at OU.

At the open house, attendees had the opportunity to browse the information tables, meet program representatives and view a financial aid presentation.  Information tables included College of Arts and Sciences, School of Engineering and Computer Science, School of Health Sciences, Student Financial Services, School of Nursing, Student Services and Resources, School of Business Administration and the School of Education and Human Services.

Attendees were able to talk to program faculty, learn about the different graduate programs and learn the expectations of attending graduate school.

“There are several benefits [of attending graduate school] ranging from intellectual development, to more job opportunities in the field of interest, to increased ability for job advancement, to a higher job satisfaction that leads to an overall higher life satisfaction,” Claudia Petrescu, dean of Graduate Education, said via email.

According to the United States Census Bureau, advanced degrees lead to higher-paying upper-level career positions. Median annual salary for those with a bachelor’s degree is $55,700, approximately $2.7 million over a lifetime, those with a master’s degree is $63,000, or approximately $3.2 million over a lifetime, and those with a Ph.D. $100,000 or more, approximately $3.7 million over a lifetime.

Depending on the type of work students want to do, they might need to return back to school to receive something more than a bachelor’s degree.

“You can get a job, hopefully, with just a bachelor’s degree in any field of work,” Petrescu said. “However, the type of work that you will do depends on the qualification that you have.”

According to the graduate admissions website, the minimum requirement to attend graduate school is a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. International students must have a bachelor’s degree and the proof of ability to be proficient in English.

A graduate program may also require a student to pass a GRE/GMAT test, turn in two or three letters of recommendation and write a letter of intent, depending on the field of study.

“It is very important for each applicant to read the program description, to understand the program’s requirements, and to submit a completed application as soon as possible,” Petrescu said.

According to financial services, the cost to attend graduate school varies based on whether the student is an in-state ($655 per credit hour at OU) or out-of-state ($1,027 per credit hour at OU) student, the program and if the class is online or in-person.

“I’d like to mention that as the job market is becoming more and more competitive, graduate education pays off,” Petrescu said. “Oakland University has very good graduate programs with several of programs recognized nationally.”

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