Oakland 0 Milwaukee 1: Women’s soccer loses back-and-forth match

Oakland women’s soccer lost to Milwaukee 1-0 on the road on Saturday, Oct. 8.

Although both teams had nine fouls each, Milwaukee managed to oust Oakland offensively.

Totaling 12 shots to Oakland’s seven, Milwaukee beat Oakland’s shots four-to-two in the first half. The Panthers continued their pressure with eight shots in the second half, overshadowing Oakland’s five.

Play during the first half seemed rushed, resulting in multiple offside calls against both teams. Ultimately, it was Milwaukee that was first to rip one toward the net. Oakland was able to block the ball, but no significant counterattack was made.

Milwaukee regrouped and got a corner kick in the 31st minute, presenting the Panthers with multiple chances to unleash on the net.

Oakland goalkeeper Alison Holland managed to withstand the concentrated fire, saving three shots in the first half and allowing her teammates to collect themselves. Despite concerted efforts by Oakland’s offense, the Golden Grizzlies were unable to score as halftime was called.

Returning from the intermission, Oakland coordinated a concise attack on Milwaukee’s net. Fresh off a Milwaukee foul in the 46th minute, Oakland’s Sydnye Gagner blasted a shot in the 47th minute that was blocked.

Unable to regain control of the ball, Oakland resumed their defensive play. After a set of two fouls on Oakland, Milwaukee gathered an attack. Holland was responsive and deflected both a header and shot that came her way.

Oakland was presented an opportunity to regain momentum as three consecutive offside calls were raised against Milwaukee. This chance was short-lived, as a foul was called against the Golden Grizzlies.

Keeping with the aggressive play displayed in the first half, Milwaukee once again pushed. The first and only goal of the game came in the 61st minute of the game, as a one-touch kick by Callie O’Donnell scooted around Holland.

Continuing the pressure on Oakland, Milwaukee substituted two players, the first in the 65th minute and the next in the 68th. This decision proved effective as Milwaukee generated an opportunity for a header to be delivered in the 72nd. The shot flew over Holland’s head and struck the crossbar.

A string of fouls against Milwaukee returned possession to Oakland, leading to a balance in gameplay. Oakland began to regain momentum as a corner kick by Cecilie Dokka placed the ball in Milwaukee territory in the 79th minute.

The Golden Grizzlies sent three shots toward the Milwaukee net in about a minute. Despite the concise efforts to contribute to the scoreboard, Oakland was unable to land a successful goal as the remaining game time expired.

Oakland women’s soccer will return to the field Saturday, Oct. 15 at 7 p.m. when they host Green Bay for the Annual Pink Game, in support of breast cancer awareness.