The Real Deal: We need fighters

On Monday, March 7th, COO Scott Kunselman will finally appear before Student Congress to answer questions from the legislature. As a part of that legislature, I’ve had a number of questions prepped for weeks. These questions range from his history at Chrysler, the controversy surrounding his hiring, and his high salary. All of my fellow legislators have similar questions on a number of different issues, and many of us are disgruntled. Scott Kunselman is just one part of a serious issue on our campus, and that is administration’s utter disregard for student opinion when it comes to decisions that govern our lives. With every major change on campus that they have instituted, they have given students minimal time to prepare.

When the tuition hike happened, student representatives were not present and the news of the hike was spread suddenly. When COO Scott Kunselman was hired and no national search was conducted, students often learned of it through angry faculty. And they certainly didn’t know immediately that Kunselman was on the board of trustees and had helped to make the position that now pays him over $300,000 a year of student money. The latest outrage was just a few weeks ago when students learned that multiple administrators and six Board of Trustee members used even more student money to stay at a hotel in Florida so they could fundraise. And many students don’t know that the sole fundraiser for the University is meant to be President George Hynd, and Kunselman went even though he is meant to stay at the University and actually run the show.

On top of all of these slaps in the face, administration has now decided to move up when tuition is due to two weeks before classes start. And they seem to have made little effort to notify students other than inform Student Body President Walter. These constant hits have to stop. And to stop them, we need fighters. We need student leaders that are willing to fight for student representation. We need student leaders that are working to serve students first. We need student leaders that will fight to make sure that student voices are not silenced. And that is why as a legislator on Student Congress, I’ve chosen to endorse Zack Thomas and Anders Engnell for Student Body President and Vice President. 

Zack is currently the Legislative Affairs Director for Student Congress and has been fighting for the best interests of students since he first got involved. Zack has instituted a program to help students get registered to vote at Zack has helped make sure Student Congress continues to hand out free scantrons at their office. And as a member of the Accessibility Committee, he has fought to help make campus accessible for injured and disabled students.

Anders is the Diversity and Inclusion Director for Student Congress. He has held events celebrating the history of African Americans in this country, helping students understand the spectrum of gender identity, and is working to host a massive event celebrating cultures around the world at International Night. Not only has he helped put on these events, but he has fought passionately for policies such as Preferred Name and Tuition Equality.

We need fighters like Zack and Anders in our corner. Both have committed to making sure that student voices are not drowned out. I encourage all students to check out their campaign site at, and make sure to vote during election week: March 14th-18th. Make sure your voice is heard.