Drew’s Review: Top 10 Kanye West songs

Drew Hagge, Music Columnist

  1. “Power”
  2. “Can’t Tell Me Nothin’”
  3. “Stronger”
  4. “Get ‘Em High”
  5. “Runaway”
  6. “Good Life”
  7. “We Major”
  8. “All Falls Down”
  9. “Blood on the Leaves”
  10. “Father Stretch My Hand, Pt. 1″

Yeah, I’ll say it, Kanye West is the greatest musician of the 21st century. Thus, he has made this the hardest list I’ve constructed so far. So, before anybody overreacts because their favorite song from “Cruel Summer” or “Watch the Throne” is absent, just listen.

In order to make a list of Kanye’s greatest songs manageable, there needs to be some guidelines.

In this instance, I gave myself limits. The only eligible Kanye songs can come from his solo albums. These range from “College Dropout” in 2004 to his most recent work, “The Life of Pablo,” which debuted earlier this year. Additionally, the list must include at least one song from each of his seven solo albums.

Naturally, the rules made creating this list more intriguing because, just like you, I didn’t really rock with “Yeezus” either. However, the most compelling argument for Kanye’s greatness lies in his consistency. At worst, your least favorite Kanye album is still pretty good, a feat no other hip-hop artist can claim.

A final testament to ‘Ye’s genius stems from his ability to bring out the best in other artists featured on his songs. No other rapper can make boring lyricist Talib Kweli sound exciting quite like Kanye does in “Get ‘Em High.” And no other rapper could remind us that weak-beat-selecting Nas might really be the greatest rapper ever like Kanye did in “We Major.”