Drew’s Review: The bump and grind playlist

  1. “What’s Luv?” by Fat Joe
  2. “Slow Motion,” by Juvenile
  3. “Put It On Me,” by Ja Rule
  4. “Overnight Celebrity,” by Twista
  5. “Like Glue,” by Sean Paul
  6. “Foolish,” by Ashanti
  7. “Sunshine,” by Lil Flip
  8. “Goodies,” by Ciara
  9. “Freek-A-Leek,” by Petey Pablo
  10. “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” by Snoop Dogg

Let’s say you lock eyes with somebody at the bar and go over the usual protocol. You offer to buy them a drink, then, when your pick-up line fails miserably, you start up a conversation. Of course this person is attractive because you have great taste. So, you’re dying to move the action to the dance floor.

However, the DJ has been playing all the throwback pop-punk songs from middle school. Sure, you dig that music, but you’re a better dancer than those songs allow and your new honey needs to know that.

March right up to the DJ booth, hand them a slip of paper with these songs on it and say, “C’mon I need this.”

They’ll see “Slow Motion” by Juvenile on the list, give you a nod, then respond, “Say no more.”

It’s not essential that the playlist be played in the order above, however, there is a 100 percent success rate if you start with “What’s Luv?” and end with “Drop It Like It’s Hot.” Popular hip-hop and R&B from 2000-2005 should always strike a specific chord with today’s college students for a couple of reasons.

First, life was easier when you could take Ja Rule seriously and grades didn’t matter.

Second, this was the era of watching these music videos on MTV until you had to run to catch the bus for school. I mean, I still remember the underboob from D12’s “My Band” music video like it was yesterday.