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Looking Back

In Looking Back, we dig through our archived issues to examine coverage by all of The Oakland Post’s previous iterations, which date back to 1959. Over the years, we’ve gone by various names: The Oakland Observer, The Observer, The Oakland Sail and The Oakland Post. But no matter our name, our goal has remained the same: documenting the news of the university. In meeting this goal, we have also documented its history.


Looking Back: Digging through The Oakland Post archives

This summer, The Oakland Post is cleaning up its newsroom, a process that involves physically archiving 57 years of news coverage. Over the years, the Post has gone by many names. We published our first issue in 1959 as The Oakland Observer and later called ourselves The Observer, The Oakland Sail and finally The Oakland Post in the fall of 1987. In documenting the news revolving around Oakland...

Looking Back: A history of The Oakland Post

Cheyanne Kramer, Web Editor

1959 was a huge year across the world. Fidel Castro became the Prime Minister in Cuba. “Bonanza” premiered on NBC as the first weekly television show to air completely in color. Mattel launched its iconic Barbie doll. The U.S. Grammy awards were held for the first time. And in 1959, Oakland University, then called MSU-O, welcomed its first class of students. Students could visit Matilda...

Looking Back: The history of Bear Lake, campus “water wonderland”
Looking Back: Oakland hosts GOP debate, Hillary Clinton
Looking Back: Birth of the bear
Looking Back: A history of LGBT acceptance on campus
Looking Back: The murder of Tina Biggar
Looking Back: The curious case of G. Rasul Chaudhry
Looking Back: The president found without a search
Looking Back: The plight of the pigeons
Looking Back: Campus reactions to the Vietnam War
Looking back: Students in D.C. during assassination attempt
Looking back: Spring break in Daytona Beach then and now
Looking Back: China, then and now
Looking Back: The deaths of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and OU’s first African American graduate
Looking Back: Roosevelt Dawson and Dr. Death
Looking Back: Caught in the act in South Foundation Hall
Six years since last men’s basketball NCAA invite

Looking Back: University presidential searches meet Michigan Open Meetings Act

Cheyanne Kramer, Web Editor

In 1980, Oakland University's presidential search committee interviewed six candidates in secret closed sessions. Following the end of Donald O'Dowd's nine-year term as president, George Matthews had been appointed interim president. After receiving an anonymous tip about the meetings, Oakland Sail went to the hotel where the closed sessions were being held. Five members of the OU Board of T...

Looking Back: Dodge Hall in flames

Looking Back: Student with autism finds mentorship, success at Oakland

Cheyanne Kramer, Web Editor

Note: Some of the language used to reference autism spectrum disorder in 1984 can be considered rude and disrespectful today. The Oakland Post understands that this is a sensitive manner, and all quotes have been taken directly from the April 9, 1984, edition of The Oakland Sail. On April 9, 1984, The Oakland Sail ran a cover story on a 22-year-old student named Richard Bearse. He was graduating that spri...

Looking Back: Drag Show throughout the years
Looking Back: MSU-O faces funding troubles

Looking Back: Marijuana Protests

Cheyanne Kramer, Managing Editor

Following “disturbances” at Michigan State University at the end of the semester, the MSU-Oakland Board of Trustees passed a resolution unanimously, declaring that “freedom requires order and discipline”. These “disturbances” were a series of student marches and sit-ins following a marijuana bust. Throughout the protests, 26 additional arrests were made, according to a 1968 issue of Mic...

Looking back at the Detroit Riot

Cheyanne Kramer, Managing Editor

In the early morning hours of July 23, 1967, an after-hours club celebrating the return of two Vietnam war servicemen was shut down by a mostly white Detroit police force. The 85 people inside the bar were taken away in police cars. By the time they were all escorted out, a crowd had formed and began throwing bottles at the police. One bottle even went through the window of a patrol car. By 4 ...

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