Police Files: Sept. 21, 2016

Vodka, wine and brandy, oh my!

On Sept. 4, OUPD arrived at a room in South Hamlin Hall and discovered seven people with an empty fifth of vodka, wine coolers and brandy. One said they did not drink due to health problems, but six of them admitted to drinking. The six were given a preliminary breath test. When OUPD was able to confirm that they were intoxicated, the six were given minor in possession citations. Housing was informed for further disciplinary action.

Do you smell something? 

On Sept. 8, OUPD arrived on the first floor of Van Wagoner House and were led to an area with the strong scent of marijuana. They walked toward a room where a towel was pushed under the door and asked the resident inside if there was any marijuana. Inside, OUPD saw a bong on a dresser. Afterward, the resident handed an officer a prescription bottle filled with marijuana with the words “Crit Hog” written on it. OUPD confiscated pipes, a burner, a marijuana grinder, bongs, and over .15 ounces of marijuana. The resident was given a misdemeanor for marijuana use.