The weirdest classes at OU


Students practice during tap dancing class held at Vandenberg Hall. 

Few students can honestly say that they’re enthralled when it’s time to sign up for more general education classes. But not everything has to be a snooze. Here are some odd or interesting classes that count towards gen eds or are a requirement for some majors.


AN 322 or ENV 322 “The Food Quest”

          This is literally a class about food. Food production, technology and collectors are the focus. It’s intriguing that there’s a 300-level class dedicated just to food. Just make sure you eat before. Maybe it will make you hungry.


BIO 331 “Organic Farming”

Students in the class work on OU’s organic farm. It’s an excuse to move and get your blood flowing instead of listening to a lecture. The class also teaches students how to run a farm of their own. For those of you into gardening, this might be a handy class to take.


COM 366 “The Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication”

COM 366 focuses on things like lying, hurt, deception and bullying. In other words, it takes a look at why we hurt other people with words. I can’t decide if this class would be really interesting or really creepy. If you want to learn how to properly lie to everyone around you, this might be for you. Also, just know that I’m judging you.


MUS 101 “What’s On Your Playlist?”

Lots of freshmen sign up for this class. It’s known to be easy and relatively fun. But the point of the class is looking at how music relates to the self. How it helps people understand feelings, why they like the music they like and the benefit of listening to music. It’s like music therapy, but you get four credits for it.


PS 360 “International Terrorism: Causes, Consequences, Responses”

This is a class that makes the students understand why terrorists do the things they do. It essentially puts you in the head of a terrorist.  Like COM 366, I can’t decide if this would be really interesting or creepy. Probably a little bit of both. And in today’s world, it would probably be eye-opening as well.


RDG 332 “Literature for Children”

In this class, students do in-depth reading of children’s literature and figure out what the authors are trying to teach their young readers. The students will also learn how to teach literature to young children.

So take this class and find out what Dr. Seuss really meant when he wrote “The Cat in the Hat.”


THA 213 “Mime”

As far as weird classes go, this one takes the cake. Imagine sitting in a silent room while everyone around you mimes. No thanks.

But, for people who are interested in acting or improvisation, this would probably be a really fun class.


HC 205 “Delightfully Dutch”

This is an Honors College class, so only students in the HC can sign up for it. There is no description, but I’ve heard that Dutch food is involved and that it’s really fun.


Bonus: Vandenberg Dance Classes

Most residents probably walk by the tap dancing class in Vandenberg a few times a week. Tap is offered at the 100 through 300 levels, and stage combat is also taught in the room. These classes themselves aren’t odd, but the fact that they’re held in a residence hall is. There wasn’t enough space in Varner Hall for a tap room, so the classes are all taught in good ol’ Vandy.