University Webmail problems frustrate, no explanation given

By Web Master


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Sit back, and stare into space. Feel familiar? 

This is the daily routine of Oakland University students attempting to use their student Webmail account.

If you haven’t noticed, the university Webmail has been operating at an unbelievably slow pace. So slow, that logging in to view one’s Webmail is an all day affair. 

Naturally, this is a serious matter. Oakland University Webmail is an essential tool for both students and faculty members. Some university business can only be conducted with the use of the Webmail account.

Thus, it is quite surprising that the university has been far from swift in providing a solution or an informative response.

Contacts provided little response and offered no new explanation.

Perhaps the response time is so slow because it has been sent over Webmail.

Nonetheless, the lethargic Webmail should be of the utmost concern for university administration. 

Important billing information, grades and assignments are transported through Webmail. 

Even reports involving campus security are made via Webmail. 

There is no excuse — the Oakland Web site is kept up to date, along with a page devoted to technology news. 

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>On Jan. 22, the Daily Technology News, located next to Webmail login, reported the issue of Webmail sloth. A posted statement read: “Systems continue to function, but the volume of e-mail has grown beyond our servers’ ability to process it quickly. We ask for your assistance in reducing volume by sending e-mails to large groups after 5 p.m., copying only those individuals who truly need to be copied and reducing the amount of personal e-mail sent to and received by your account. Thank you for your cooperation.”

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The explanation makes sense, but reflects poorly on the university.  

If Oakland University is expanding and growing, a fact that the administration is very proud of, such problems should be weeded out immediately. 

We are all given a certain amount of e-mail space, and should be able to utilize it for our endeavors. To not have a server that can accommodate such a request is unacceptable. What is this, dial-up Internet?

Also, the consistent encouragement for students and professors alike to use education tools like MOODLE is another issue. 

Communication through and with MOODLE involves a gargantuan amount of Webmail traffic with replicas of information available. 

Ultimately, however, if a certain amount of space is provided for each student, all that can be done needs to be done to ensure that Webmail improves as student usage deems necessary.  

Most importantly, better communication is needed. If certain authorities are contacted, an expedient response is required. At least, a prognosis could be provided.

The solution, however, is simple. The next time you login, take a copy of the Oakland Post with you. By the time you finish reading, you will finally be able to see your messages.

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