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Pro-activity is needed to see a better future

Isaac Martin, Political Columnist

November 1, 2016

Election Day is upon us. Less than 144 hours separate us from one of the most important days of the year. Yet, as I talk to many of my peers around campus, it seems that there is a sense of resignation regarding the election....

Presidential round-up: A quick voter’s guide

Shelby Tankersley, Campus Editor

November 1, 2016

Next Tuesday, it’ll be time to hit the voting polls and pick a new president. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide to the top four presidential candidates on Michigan’s ballot (according to the Michigan Voter’s Guide pamphlet...

Political Focus: The student loan crisis

Melissa Deatsch, Political Columnist

October 11, 2016

Last week, we began taking a look at Hillary Clinton’s proposal for higher education. Specifically, we examined her plan for free tuition at public, in-state universities and community colleges. That part of her plan is an attempt...

Second presidential debate breakdown

John Bozick, Social Media Editor

October 11, 2016

Many presidential historians and media critics labeled the town-hall debate last Sunday in St. Louis one of the most brutal examples of mud-slinging in the annals of U.S. presidential elections. For much of the 90-minute...

A closer look: Fear and voting in America

Alex Stevens, Political Columnist

September 27, 2016

Perhaps because of their historically low likability ratings, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton appear to want to gin up unnecessary fear in order to win your vote. As is usually the case with partisan politics, each side...

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