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Are virgins the new aliens?

May 13, 2009

Caterina PassarelliDuring a recent episode of MTV's "The Hills" reality show, character Spencer Pratt is interrogating his girlfriend Heidi's ex-boyfriend, Colby, about his decision to remain a virgin until marriage. To Pratt this...

A stop at the top limits the view

May 13, 2009

Dan SimonsAt the end of a semester I, and many other people I know, like to take the elevator to the top floor of the Science and Engineering Building, walk onto the classroom-sized roof and enjoy the view.But I couldn't do th...

A little self-pity won’t hurt anybody

April 15, 2009

With all do respect to those who are less fortunate, I would still like to say that everyone has their own problems. Some maybe worse than others, but does that mean we should all suffer with them?No, it doesn't. We can pity tho...

Gay marriage, everybody else is doing

By Staff Editorial

April 14, 2009

It's legal in Massachusetts and Connecticut. It will be legal in Iowa and Vermont by the end of 2009. It was legal for almost six months in California. Gay marriage — c'mon citizens of Michigan, all the cool states are doing...

As for a bailout of newspapers, thanks but no thanks

April 10, 2009

It started with the drama on Wall Street. Months later it progressed to the Motor City. The banking industry had a hard time keeping money straight. (Tell me how that works again.) And the auto industry struggled to make efficient car...

MIP amnesty could save lives

By Staff Editorial

April 8, 2009

The Our Lady Peace lyrics, "I'll be waiving my hand, watching you drown, watching you scream," conjures up memories of teenage angst. Being trapped somewhere between childhood and adulthood can be tormenting. Surrounded by a cult...

If that’s the worst thing that has happened to you, you’re in good shape

By Mas Rahman

April 8, 2009

Some of you may have heard about the website, where people submit tales of their "day to day crap." It seems to be the latest rage, complaining and reading the complaints of other people, usually among teenagers in the...

Hummers are more eco-friendly than hybrids

April 8, 2009

I think it's safe to say the "Green Movement" was born the day "An Inconvenient Truth" with Al Gore came out. People are asking themselves what they could be doing to preserve our planet and are picking up on recycling, turning ...

Kwame gets the last laugh for April Fool’s

March 31, 2009

By Daud YarGuest ColumnistApril Fool's Day brings many laughs and this year nobody will laugh harder than Kwame Kilpatrick. The ex-mayor of Detroit was recently released from Wayne County Jail after serving only 99 days of his ...

Pop your bubble, join in the democracy

By Staff Editorial

March 31, 2009

Imagine living in a place where nothing you ever said made a difference. Where from your childhood to the end of your adult life, none of your opinions and ideas ever made it farther than the people who have either once tucked ...

Rebuttal: Why is Catholicism always fair game for criticism?

March 31, 2009

Respectful disagreementIn response to the recent Perspectives column in the March 25 issue, "Pope wrongly condemns condoms,"  by Katie Wolf, who stands by her decision to call Pope Benedict XVI an "idiot," I take serious offens...

Counting the little things: part II

By Amanda Meade

March 30, 2009

After reading Wibke Richter's column "Counting the little things" in the March 25 issue of The Oakland Post, I was inspired to recount similar events that happened to me last week.I headed home at 11 p.m. last Wednesday night after ...

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