WXOU radio show provides job connections

By Sarah Wojcik

One student’s passion for connecting and helping people led her to create her unique show on Oakland University’s radio station, WXOU 88.3 FM, called “Getting A Job w/Mz. Pumpkin.”

Aricka Pore said the name originated from her childhood — her mother always called her “pumpkin” and the name stuck.

The show was not always about networking and finding students job resources, however.

When the show was created in 2009, Pore, a senior majoring in communication and minoring in public relations, focused on gossip and playing gospel and R&B music.

“It was getting boring and no one was listening,” Pore said. “There are (already) shows in that genre, so it would be hard branding yourself as unique.”

In 2010, Pore stopped playing music and geared the hour-long show solely toward careers.

“I love walking into an interview and landing a job,” she said. “Besides that, someone can always be a resource to you. Meeting people at the grocery store can be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.”

She said she finds jobs through resources such as www.careerlink.com, the Fox 2 Job Shop, Simply Hired and other outlets.

OUCareerLink.com is a forum students can post their resumes on that potential employers are able to browse. It offers jobs in five categories: co-ops, full-time employment, unpaid internships, on-campus jobs and paid jobs unrelated to major.

Pore’s experience on air as well as the two internships she completed — at After 5 Detroit as a website intern and at Great Lakes Crossing as a marketing intern — have shaped the way she views her future.

“I don’t see myself in the studio making money,” Pore said. “I’ll probably get a career in marketing, but I do plan on attending grad school with hope of getting accepted to Purdue University.”

Carol Anne Ketelsen, a career consultant with Career Services, stressed the importance of internships in helping students find jobs.

“The internship is going to give you exposure to the industry,” Ketelsen said. “The idea with an internship is to figure out not only what you want to do, but also what you don’t want to do.”

Pore said she plans to continue helping people, wherever her career path leads her.

“(My favorite part of the show is) knowing that I provided a resource to someone to have a chance to earn some money or kind a career,” she said.

Along with her radio show, Pore is also the president of Student United Way, an academic peer mentor for housing and an admissions ambassador.

Even with the economic strain affecting the nation and topic of the Republican presidential debate focusing on the economy, Pore maintains an optimistic job outlook.

“There is no reason people should be unemployed,” she said. “There are many resources and networking events that can be accessed by the community. People just need to be go-getters.”

Career Services, located in 154 North Foundation Hall, is a resource available for students seeking jobs.

They offer services such a resume critiques, mock interviews, walk-in advising, proper follow-up techniques, job fairs, internship mixers and other events.

For more information about Career Services, please call 248-370-3250 or visit www.oakland.edu/careerservices