Majors as different breeds of dogs

Katie LaDuke, Managing Editor

I LOVE dogs. I wish I could pet every dog I pass, but the days are just too short for that. If I’ve learned anything over my 21 years of living, it’s that every dog has its very own personality, just like us college students. Those personalities are pretty damn similar to students’ majors.


You can be annoying, especially when you try to prove you’re the smartest and get into stubborn fits, but you’re also incredibly clever and attentive. You’re a silent, skilled observer.

Education: Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are known for being loyal, but you’re also kind, intelligent and trustworthy. Although students will test your patience, you will always be there to help them grow and learn. The perfect temperament for a future educator.

Communication/Journalism: Border Collie

People admire you for your energy and love being around you. They trust you’re honest and find your humor unique. Respecting personal space is something you need to work on, though.

Nursing/Pre-Med: Rottweiler

While you might look intimidating, you’re a friend to everyone you meet. You’re a fearless caregiver and devoted to all of your patients. Even in the hardest of times, people can always count on you to keep them steady.

Foreign languages: Pomeranian

People might view you as pretentious, but you just love what you’re studying and want everyone to share your passion. You’re extremely playful and the life of every party.   

Social Work: Corgi

You’re small but mighty, and your work means the world to you. Although you’re very playful, you’re willing to protect whoever you need to. No matter how you connect with someone, you always leave your mark on their heart.

Political Science: Shiba Inu

We’re all sick of hearing you guys bicker back and forth about politics. When you guys are in a group, it’s literally like dogs barking at each other between fences. But, we can’t help but love you because you’re so charming and confident.

Theatre: Shih Tzu

You’re the definition of regal. You have it all: the personality, the different looks and the intelligence. People love you because you’re extremely friendly and love to give affection. Just make sure not to overdo it.

Art: Poodle

You’re the fanciest of fancy. You like the finer things in life and don’t care what it takes to get them. While you always trust your gut and speak your peace, you’re not aggressive. This is why people respect you and want to be around you.

Business: Chow Chow

People don’t always get you. When you say you’re going for business, people probably don’t ACTUALLY know what you’re studying, and, chances are, you don’t either. But, it sounds good just like the name Chow Chow. Nonetheless, you’re very smart and lovable.

Health Sciences: Boxer

You’re under appreciated and misunderstood. People always lump you in with nursing and pre-med because you also love helping others. You’re very cheerful and become a role model to everyone you meet.   

Undecided: Chihuahua 

You want to be friends with everyone and try everything life has to offer. You get distracted very easily and need to channel all that energy into finding the best path for you. Be careful with that short-temper. You might piss some people off.

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