Stay home or you’re stupid

Katie LaDuke, Managing Editor

It’s been one week and two days since Gov. Whitmer told us to stay home and stay safe with her executive order to close everything except essential businesses. But, for some reason, people don’t understand what “STAY HOME” means. We already had the hand-washing conversation, but obviously we need to have another talk.

The only reasons you should be leaving your living quarters and venturing into the public are if your job is deemed essential or if you’re going to the store for home and personal necessities. That doesn’t mean have a game night with the girls or house party with the boys.

You should know better. You could infect someone without even knowing it. Your mom. Your dad. Your best friend. We MUST do our part so this nightmare can end sooner rather than later. Living life as normal and being selfish isn’t going to do that. It’s called social distancing for a reason. If you don’t live with them, you shouldn’t be together.

The quarantine blues might be here for a while, but here are at least a few things to help pass the time.

Nap. A lot.

College students are the biggest offender for saying they’re tired. Well, this is the perfect time to catch up on sleep your 8 a.m. made you lose out on.

My bed and I have rekindled our relationship and are now better than ever. We take a fat nap AT LEAST once a day. Some days it’s two or three times. When this disaster is over, I don’t want to hear that anyone is tired.

Make TikToks

As cringey as it is to see people I know on my For You Page, I’d rather see you doing the latest dance in your living room than having a party on your Snapchat story.

If you need inspiration, just take a look at TikTok royalty @brittany_broski and @charlidamelio. Literally anything you post on TikTok will give you a chance to end up on the For You Page and skyrocket you to stardom.

Re-watch Glee for the fifth time

What’s there to do when you lay around your house for 12 hours a day? Easy. Watch “Glee.” You get drama, laughs, musical entertainment and Noah Puckerman’s famous shaved mohawk.

If it makes you feel better, blame Sue Sylvester for all your problems. Just do me a favor and check out season 1, episode 7 at 18:14. That’s how I feel when I see people not staying home.

Become a chef

We all love food. Sleeping and eating is the combination to beat all others. Check out those outrageous cooking videos on Facebook. Tasty’s page has a lot of interesting ones. The best part is most of the ingredients are basic and can already be found in your pantry.

I hope to see you all emerging quarantine with an extra layer of chub.

Find the love of your life on Tinder

Tinder boys are probably shaking that most sane people aren’t inviting strangers — who could be carrying BAD GERMS — into their homes for random hookups. Social distancing means you actually have to have conversations and get to know each other.

Ask her what her favorite color is. Ask him what his favorite movie is. Then, after quarantine, you guys can go at it like rabbits.

Even with everything you can do inside, people will still weasel their way out to be around people unnecessarily. If you’re one of those people, you’re as stupid as it gets.

Just stay home. It’s not hard, but it’s all fun and games until you or a loved one gets sick.