15 self-care tips to fall in love with yourself this Valentine’s Day

Rachel Basela, Life & Arts Editor

Whether you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with your partner, your friend or yourself this weekend, celebrating self-care should be the center of your festivities. Here are some tips on loving yourself a little bit extra on this romantic holiday.

1. Sleep a little longer

Most of us aren’t getting enough sleep. American culture doesn’t praise rest as much as it does work, so take an extra hour or two this weekend to catch up on your Z’s. 

2. Notice your accomplishments, big or small

In the midst of the semester, it can be difficult to feel like you’re caught up. However, try praising yourself for your accomplishments rather than tearing yourself down for the unchecked boxes on your to-do-list. You’ll be surprised at how many victories you’re letting go unnoticed.

3. Make an empowering playlist

Music can shift your mood, and if you’re listening to songs that aren’t making you feel good, then you’re clouding your mind with negativity. Try picking songs that you can’t help humming along to.

4. Turn off your ringer

Try disconnecting from your phone. Even if it’s just for an hour, let go of the email notifications for a moment. You don’t need to hear every ding that pops onto your screen.

5. Clean your space

Whether it’s just your desk or your whole room, tidy up. A messy environment makes for a messy headspace, and if your outer space isn’t relaxing, your inner space will reflect that. Make your room your sanctuary. Light a candle, turn on some music and enjoy your surroundings.

6. Give yourself a gift

You don’t need anyone to buy you chocolates or write you a card. Use this holiday to celebrate yourself. Gift yourself something yummy, or write a love note for only you to read. Reward yourself for making it this far.

7. Indulge yourself

This weekend, you have a free-card for indulging. Eat what looks good to you, and don’t let yourself feel guilty about it. Valentine’s Day this year should be about celebrating the love you have for yourself, so if you want to eat a little too much ice cream, go for it.

8. Meditate

Quiet all the noise in your head and find your peace. Calm your breathing, stretch and sit comfortably. While you let your body relax, let your mind let go of any negative feelings. 

9. Exercise

Do exercises that make you happy. If you’re not someone who enjoys working out, find something to do at home to get your body moving. You’ll feel stronger and sharper after getting in some physical activity.

10. Journal

Make notes of your thoughts from the week. Once you put it onto paper, overwhelming thoughts might seem smaller and more accomplishable.

11. Pamper yourself

Whether you enjoy baths or skincare, find a way to make your body feel loved. Taking a moment to take care of your body can help whatever struggles might be happening on the inside.

12. Choose a mantra

Think of your biggest achievement — the one that makes you feel the most pride. Then, think of each idea that surrounds this moment. Try condensing these thoughts into one word. Let that word serve as the way you find inspiration in yourself. 

13. Try a new look

If you’re anything like me, you might buy clothes that you like, but you don’t always feel confident wearing out. Put on an outfit that puts you a bit out of your comfort zone and enjoy the way you look in it. Let yourself feel confident in something risky.

14. Get creative

Creativity can be expressed in a multitude of ways. Try cooking something challenging, painting something with lots of colors or rearranging your room. There are many ways to find creativity in your lifestyle, so take this as a challenge to be as expressive as possible.

15. Pass along the message

Being kind to someone else can give you a “helper’s high.” Choose to help someone feel loved today, and by doing so, you’ll feel better about yourself.

Take this weekend to grow in the love you have for yourself. Engage in activities that empower you, express yourself creatively and treat yourself to moments alone. This holiday is all about love, so take time to focus on your own personal wellness.