#JusticeforJarvis, my Fortnite King


Graphic by Ashley Averill

FAZE Jarvis has been accused of cheating in Fortnite and banned by Epic Games.

Michael Pearce, Sports Editor

It’s a sad day in the world when a legend is persecuted against. My man, Jarvis Kaye, better known for his sick 360 no scope ladder YY shots on Fortnite, is being unfairly hated on.

My man, FAZE Jarvis, simply used aimbot during a Fortnite match, is now banned from Fortnite for life. His mom made a statement saying it has “broken him.” What the hell, guys? Is it not hard enough to be a white man in America anymore? Now we can’t even play our favorite game, Fornite? This is ludicrous.

You can take a man’s heart, his family or his money. But never take his Fortnite. This is a great injustice, something that has never before been seen in the United States, or frankly, the world. What has our world come to? We are punishing a young man simply for cheating? If that were the case for every cheater, half of my high school would be banned from using pencils.

How am I to go on without my sweet FAZE Jarvis building on top of a noob and shooting them while hitting the default dance? My life seems empty, my life is over. I can only imagine how sweet Jarvis and his mother feel at this moment.

And do apologies mean nothing anymore? He apologized on Twitter, guys! All he did was cheat in a video game, something we all have done. He didn’t even do it in a competitive match, just some basic matches so he could have some entertaining YouTube video showing how fun it is to cheat in Fortnite.

THAT’S IT!!! I personally loved the video, I shared, liked, commented and even added it to my playlist on YouTube. Now I’m supposed to believe that cheating was WRONG?? This is malarkey.

A very reputable news source, twentytwowords.com, did fantastic investigative work on this story, including a quote from him that said, “Through his tears and sobs, he explained: ‘I just wish I’d have known how badly I was messing up, or I would never have even thought of making those types of videos.’”

Epic Games, if you truly are Epic like you claim, free my man Jarvis. Let him back into the Fortnite community. Restore some of my faith in humanity and give me back my favorite Fortnite streamer. How else am I supposed to enjoy a Friday night now? My fingers are not only covered in Dorito dust right now, but they are covered in tears.

How dare you ruin a young man’s life? How dare you, Epic Games? I cannot think of a single worse corporation than you in this world, not one. All I can say is you have opened Pandora’s Box, you morons. Just wait until NINJA tweets at you … oh boy you’re gonna get it. If my mom didn’t read my texts, I swear to heck I’d use the F-word right now.

Watch your back, Epic Games, or we gamers will revolt and riot for our favorite Fortnite King, Jarvis.