The Jonas Brothers are burnin’ up…AGAIN!


Graphic by Ashley Averill

With the Jonas Brothers back together after reuniting, I am left to fangirl my little heart out.

Ashley Averill

The other night, I was going through my CDs … Yes, I still have those thin, circular, holographic things that no longer go in cars or anywhere, frankly, unless you have a Walkman — if one of you asks me what a Walkman is, I swear to God, I’ll have you saying “S.O.S.”— but I digress.

I was going through my ancient technology when I stumbled upon all of my Jonas Brothers albums — regular AND deluxe because 15-year-old me was a MASSIVE Jonas stan.

But it got me thinking, they’re back and arguably better than ever. I feel like I’m in a time warp, not forward to the “Year 3000,” but back to 2008. It’s as if I fell into an alternate reality or universe.

I remember listening to all their albums in my room writing in diaries I kept on my “Shelf,” having been bitten by the “Love Bug,” obsessing over Nick and Joe…sorry, Kevin, but don’t think we haven’t noticed your glow-up! To me, they were perfect and were all so “Cool.”

I was in middle school when they were “Burnin’ Up” the charts at their peak. They and their purity rings were taking Disney Channel by storm. I was a “Sucker” for anything and everything Jonas.

When Joe briefly dated Taylor Swift, I was definitely “Jealous” — or the whole Selena Gomez-Miley Cyrus love triangle Nick had going on — and don’t even get me STARTED on how many times I watched “Camp Rock.” I know, I had a serious problem.

When news broke that the Jonas Brothers had broken up, I nearly dropped my “Toothbrush.” I sob-sang “When You Look Me In The Eyes” for days until the CD skipped and my mom threatened to have me committed.

When I heard they were getting back together briefly, I was “Paranoid.” I clutched my CDs, posters, and live tour DVD, thinking, “Is this really happening?” Alas, it wasn’t meant to be at that point.

Unfortunately, that did not “Hold On” and dissolved quickly. Yeah, they did their own things while Kevin had children. However, they eventually moved past their issues and made a big comeback earlier this year.

In the end, I’m glad that they took time to find themselves, each other and where “Happiness Begins” for them. Did I buy their latest album when it came out? Hell yes! Did I buy the physical CD? Yes, bite me. And “Tonight,” I’ll be relistening to all their old hits and reminiscing.

But for now, I’ll just have to take it “One Day at a Time.”