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Dave Coulier talks less about “Full House” and more about Detroit

Dave Coulier ended his tour of the U.S. with Oakland to share his humor and experiences as an actor and comedian.

Dave Coulier ended his tour of the U.S. with Oakland to share his humor and experiences as an actor and comedian.

Elyse Gregory

Elyse Gregory

Dave Coulier ended his tour of the U.S. with Oakland to share his humor and experiences as an actor and comedian.

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A sold out crowd filled the Banquet Rooms of the Oakland Center with chatter — that is until Dave Coulier walked into the room sporting a #19 Red Wings jersey (a number made famous by Steve Yzerman) with his own last name on the back.

“Alright, come on. I’m not John Stamos.”

The comedian, best known for his role on “Full House” as Joey Gladstone, has been touring colleges across the eastern United States and ended his tour on Nov. 6 in his home state of Michigan with the students at Oakland University. After spending a few hours at Little Caesars Arena watching his favorite hockey team practice, he came to talk with Oakland students and their families about where he’s been and where he is now.

However, the St. Clair Shores native talked little about “Full House,” instead opting for gags about flying, politics and why golf puts him to sleep. After a 40 minute comedy show, Coulier took questions from the crowd. Questions swirled around his “Full House” acting career and his past as a comedian. One student asked him what his favorite kind of noodle is, which he then managed to squeeze into almost every other answer (it’s thin spaghetti, by the way).

All jokes aside, Coulier is a firm believer in hard work. He told the crowd how he left Michigan and set out for Los Angeles at 19 years old after his boss at Royal Oak’s Comedy Castle, Mark Ridley, told him he was a “big fish in a small pond” and needed to try and make it in Hollywood. After performing alongside greats like Robin Williams on the stand up stage, Coulier landed his role as Uncle Joey and, like the rest of the “Full House” cast, made his way into America’s heart.

He says that it doesn’t boil down to being the best. It boils down to having the heart.

“I get to talk to a lot of students,” he said. “I really hope that you guys turn this world into a better place. You have the ability to turn all of this awful stuff in this world around… I’m not the most talented guy, the smartest guy, I’m not the best in my field. I just know how to work hard. That’s the only part of my operating system that I can tell you guys works: Just work your ass off.”

From the way he talks about Detroit, it seems like he learned to have that spirit right here in Michigan.

“There’s a Midwestern sensibility here that you don’t get in other places around the U.S.,” Coulier said. “My dad worked at Chrysler, we have a lot of blue collar, hard working people here. This city is a city that just keeps fighting and pushing forward.”


Fast facts about Dave Coulier

His biggest pet peeve is bad grammer

He’s only watched two episodes of “Full House” because he hates seeing himself on video

He falls asleep during baseball games

He once shared a house with John Stamos and Flava Flav

He’s currently binge-watching “Stranger Things 2” just like the rest of us

He wanted to go to college but didn’t because he couldn’t find a parking spot

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