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New bocce ball club sport looking for student leadership

Simon Albaugh, Reporter

January 17

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What’s recognized as one of the oldest games in the world may become a new part of Oakland University’s club sports program. Stemming from as far back as 5000 B.C. in ancient Egypt, is a combination of skill and strategy th...

The Blitz: Jan. 18, 2017

Melissa Deatsch, Sports Editor

January 15

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Swim and Dive The Men’s and women’s swim and dive teams traveled to Cincinnati University over the weekend to compete in their first meet of 2017. Both teams finished third behind Ohio State University and Cincinnati U...

Men’s basketball’s weekend saw record-breaking and league-shocking performances

Christian Miller, Staff Reporter

January 9

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It was a busy weekend for the Oakland men’s basketball team, securing important wins against opponents Valparaiso and University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) on Friday, Jan. 6 and Sunday, Jan. 8, respectively. The victories...

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