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SATIRE: More than a chef

Michael Pearce, Staff Reporter

March 20, 2018

The three necessities for survival in human beings are air, water and Dennis’ cooking. Commuters know nothing about this man and what he means to residents on campus who eat in the Vandenberg Dining Hall. For residents like...

SATIRE: Obituary for Stephen Armica

Simon Albaugh, The real Stephen Armica

February 27, 2018

Stephen Armica, our beloved fictitious humor writer, has left us. In an effort to maintain the memory of his legacy, we wanted to list some of the truly amazing things he has done. When he first started working here, he...

SATIRE: Student rethinks college career after answering wrong during class

Patrick Sullivan, Contributor

January 30, 2018

No person on Earth can escape the grasp of humiliation once it takes its hold, and it is a grip that Ernest Hamilton has become all too familiar with over the past few days. It was a cold day at Oakland University, a day like any other fo...

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