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Follow the music

By Clare La Torre

January 3, 2012

Sophomore journalism and music performance major Stephanie Sokol uses her talent as a photographer to showcase the benefits and challenges of being a music student at OU. “I want the audience to experience and appreciate the h...

VIDEO: Student writes and delivers over 1,000 Christmas cards

By Ashley Allison

January 3, 2012

Freshman Ryan Gill spent the months prior to the Christmas season hand delivering and handwriting over 1,000 Christmas cards.The cards went to Gill’s closest family and friends. Each card was personally picked and inside included a handwritten ...

A new kind of collaboration

By Stephanie Preweda

December 16, 2011

In today’s digital age, people don’t have to live in the same area to make music together.Musicians Odai "Moonchild" Baylor and Drew "Drew32" Parks will meet for the first time at the release party for Baylor's new CD — on whi...

WXOU ‘Insomnia’ host works as trance DJ, producer

By Postie Editors

November 30, 2011

DJ and producer Robbie Rio has quickly found himself turning his hobby and passion for music into a career.The communications major grew up listening to trance and electronic music and only took the title of musician two shor...

Bridging the gap between OU and Auburn Hills

By John Doe

November 29, 2011

Oakland University’s students sometimes forget about their tie to the city of Auburn Hills because the university holds a Rochester mailing address, but the city is working to bridge that gap through various projects and student ...

WXOU radio show provides job connections

By Sarah Wojcik

November 29, 2011

One student’s passion for connecting and helping people led her to create her unique show on Oakland University’s radio station, WXOU 88.3 FM, called “Getting A Job w/Mz. Pumpkin.”Aricka Pore said the name originated fr...

Carrying on a family legacy

By John Doe

November 29, 2011

An Oakland University professor is keeping alive a more than century-old tradition with the help of her sister and around 30 employees.La Tribuna del Popolo, more commonly known as The Italian Tribune, is a bi-weekly newspaper publish...

BAR HOP: The Oakland

By Postie Editors

November 18, 2011

Hidden within a non descriptive blue building on 9 Mile Rd. near Woodward, a small sign displays the name “The Oakland Art Novelty Company.”Taking inspiration from the alcohol bootlegging group, “The Purple Gang,” owner Sandy Levine has cr...

BAND PROFILE: The Jet Rodrigeuz

By Postie Editors

November 17, 2011

Coming from a suburban area in Chesterfield Township, the local band known as The Jet Rodriguez has begun to grow in popularity with the Oakland community.Lead singer, songwriter and guitarist, Cameron Navetta began writing so...

Student making connections through involvement

By John Doe

November 15, 2011

Christina Venditti juggles many leadership roles and she does it with a smile.Venditti, a junior, is currently double majoring in journalism and communications, but that’s just the beginning of her long list of participation...

Students relive history

By Stephanie Preweda

November 12, 2011

Oakland University’s theatre department will be performing “The Women of Lockerbie,” based on true events, written by Deborah Brevoort.Directed by theatre professor, Karen Sheridan, the performance runs from Nov. 10 through 20 at the Varner...

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