Honors College membership growing, but so are its problems

By Cheyanne Kramer

This year welcomes the largest class for the Honors College at Oakland University, and with it brings this years induction ceremony. 

However with such a large class this year, there was confusion over where to have such an important ceremony, which will take place on Oct. 12, in the Oakland Center banquet room from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

According to Honors College Dean Dr. Graeme Harper, this incoming class is exciting not only because of its size, but because the students are “high achievers” and “talented.”

With about 300 students, the turnout would be too small to have at the O’rena, yet if every single student came with two guests, there would be too many people for the banquet rooms at the Oakland Center.

She explained that as long as the total attendance was under 600 people, they could use the banquet rooms, but if every single student and faculty member invited came with their two guests, that would put the number of attendees over 900, meaning they would need overflow seating in the Pioneer Food Court, and therefore, require use of a live stream.

Karen Conn reassures Honors College students that thanks to the RSVP system they have put out for students to register for the ceremony, they have determined that they will be able to fit all students and family into the Oakland Center banquet rooms.

Dr. Harper encourages students in the Honors College to attend the ceremony, complete with a “graduation-style” procession and numerous guest speakers, not only for themselves but for their parents. He went on to say how parents may not always be involved in the Honors College, but said this induction ceremony is the best way for parents to meet their student’s teacher assistants and to see what the Honors College is really about.