“Hands on a Hardbody” — a musical you “can’t keep your hands off”

Emily Morris, Staff Reporter

“Keep your hands on it!” will be said by countless charismatic characters competing for a Nissan “hardbody” pickup truck in the coming weeks.

Of course, people of all backgrounds are brought together by nothing less than a little competition and the chance to win a brand new pickup truck. When an opportunity like that comes knocking, whether you’re a college student, struggling mom, deserving husband or just feeling lucky, most would jump at a chance to win a pickup truck. Participants are only asked to keep one hand on the truck for as long as possible, and whoever can maintain that position the longest wins.

Before anyone goes pursuing our local car dealerships for their fortuitous moment to hold onto that truck, the event is actually being held in Oakland University’s very own Varner Hall.  OU students have been preparing this infamous truck for an audience since January when they began rehearsal of the Broadway musical, “Hands on a Hardbody.”

This captivating musical is centralized around the story of an annual truck giveaway in Texas. Audiences can find out who the “winner” is on Wednesday, March 28 at 8 p.m. The show will continue on through Saturday, April 7, ensuring multiple opportunities to see who the lucky “winner” will be. Of course, the audience won’t have a chance to drive home that gorgeous truck, but the cast hopes everyone can at least take home some smiles from the performance.

Although the idea of the production suggests only a comedy-centralized dialogue, the cast members offer a dynamic interpretation of the plot. Hot topics such as racism, God and family values are openly discussed and contribute to a heartwarming finale.

The positive morale weaved within the cast off stage could be what allows them to form such personable interactions.  While the characters’ lives unexpectedly intertwine momentarily, all due to a similar desire, their individual stories unravel.

Even though audience members won’t have a chance to tirelessly compete for that beautiful red pickup truck, the cast of “Hands on a Hardbody” are offering an alternative outlet.  Shortly, three pairs of tickets to the opening night performance will be given away through The Oakland Post. Details regarding the competition will be explained on the Facebook page.  To prepare for the “Hands on a Hardbody” giveaway, it couldn’t hurt to tune up your own “hardbody” truck.

If you plan on attending OU’s rendition of “Hands on a Hardbody,” expect immense enthusiasm that will get the audience involved. Not only will the cast present an array of catchy songs, but the show ensures audience inclusion. Moreover, any audience members that dare to sit closely will be entering the “splash zone” of infectious music, dancing and a moving plot of the original cast.