Student Org Spotlight: Boxing Club

Jordan Jewell, Staff Intern

Unless you’re one of the few people that truly enjoy running, getting your cardio in can be a real pain. You get sweaty, your playlist isn’t right, your shins start throbbing, you quit after half a mile. The Oakland University Boxing Club is here to change all of that.

Club President Zachary Zinser got the idea from a close friend that frequently visits the University of Michigan.

“We saw that they were able to give students an exciting and enjoyable workout for a discounted price, and as a college student, it can be tough to find classes that don’t break the bank,” Zinser said.

The Boxing Club is almost ready to launch and will begin holding sessions in the middle of February for students interested in an alternative cardio workout. Sessions will be held at Studio Boxing, which is located at 150 South Elizabeth St. in Rochester. The studio offers cardio boxing, interval training and personal training.

“We want to give students the lowest price possible,” Zinser said. “For a full fall semester we are looking at about $120, and students who start with us in February will pay $75 for half a semester.”

The studio typically charges customers $50 per month, so this would be a huge discount for students.

The classes that students in the club would be taking will be strictly for Oakland students and provide an opportunity to meet new people with a passion for exercise.

“I think boxing is a great way to relieve stress,” Zinser said. “If you had a long day of classes or you’re worried about your finals, it could be pretty therapeutic to take it out on a punching bag.”

Boxing has recently become an extremely popular celebrity workout. Gigi and Bella Hadid post videos of their training on Instagram and Vogue calls it “the best way to break out of a fitness rut.” It provides high intensity interval training that is not only good for calorie burning, but also teaches elements of self defense.

The club will be open to anyone who wants to get a good workout once or twice a week. Studio Boing provides a learning experience for its students and caters to a very basic level.

“We want people to know that you don’t have to have former training to join, the program is very beginner friendly,” Zinser said.

If you’re interested in a fun and intense workout class you can contact Zachary Zinser at [email protected] or join the club’s Facebook page for updates on when sessions will begin.